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Just like our assembled version, this product is precision engineered, and CNC'd for accuracy. Intuitively designed, so even a child could build it. No specialist tools required. Our patent pending design and build process allows the whole thing to be assembled with no fixings (although we would recommend you do use fixings once assembled). 

In the pack, the diffuser arrives in 15 pieces, all labelled ready to be slotted together. Each rebated to be built seamlessly and to give an airtight finish. The flat pack diffuser can be painted and finished however you wish.  

The CMN74 Acoustic Diffuser, is designed to help provide a more accurate listening and recording experience by breaking down audio reflections in a variety of environments by diffusing and scattering frequencies upwards from 500hz up to 3000hz. The CMN74 is manufactured by CNC for ultimate accuracy and consistency. The airtight design of our quadratic residual diffuser uses 7 wells to help reduced comb filtering that commonly occours as a result of sound reflecting from untreated walls within a room. The CMN74 is available in a variety of wood types and finishes. The CMN74 is the ideal solution for acoustic treatment in professional studio's, theatres, and environments where accurate listening and sound representation is important.


  • 550mm by 1200mm and 167mm deep

  • Deepest well depth 150mm

  • Well Width 68mm

  • Fin width 8mm

  • Manufactured using CNC machining methods

  • Available in MDF, Fire retardant (red) MDF and a selection of other wood types, please enquire as prices vary

  • Flame Retardent wood options available

  • Diffusion from 500hz up to 3000hz

    Please contact us to discuss options and ordering. 

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- Professional Studios
- Home Studios
- Home Cinema/Theatres
- Hifi Listening space


Recommended Locations

- Rear Wall
- Secondary Reflection Points