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CM486 Broadband Absorber

The most widely used absorption unit in Pro Audio, used by professional studio owners and home hifi enthusiasts alike. 

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CM11TD Dynamic Corner Trap (Pair)

The CM11TD Dynamic Corner Trap is the ideal solution for the acoustic treatment of room corners.

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CM24CL Ceiling Cloud

The CM24 ceiling cloud, an excellent early reflection point absorber, ideal for above the listing position. It can also be an alternative means for treatment when adequate wall space is unavailable. Lighting optional.

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CM886 XL Bass Trap

At 200mm deep, low frequency absorption, is no issue for the CM886. Twice as effective as the standard broadband absorber, perfect for rear wall absorption.

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CM286 Acoustic Panel

Our versatile Acoustic Panel the CM286 is both great on value and performance. Sold in pairs, this item is widely used in professional and domestic environments alike, either as series of acoustic panels or in conjunction with broadband absorption and bass trapping. 

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CM486G Stand Mounted Broadband Absorber 

The most widely used absorption unit in Pro Audio, now comes taller and stand mounted, for when you need to move treatment to the sound source at various locations and when wall mounting isn't an option.

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Metal Panel Stands

Heavy duty powder coated matt black panel stands. easy to fit to your acoustic panels for those who require stand mounted absorption. Turn you broadband absorber into a Gobo instantly with these sleek metal stands.

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CM486W Broadband Absorber

The same as the CM486 but features a timber frame surround feature. 

Contact us for info and ordering...

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CM486OAK Broadband Absorber

Broadband absorption stylishly delivered in a real oak framed panel. 

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